Blox Material v1.0.0


The mdcSwitch directive creates a material designed switch.

Switch Input


Directive: MdcSwitchInputDirective

Selector: input[mdcSwitchInput][type=checkbox]

Directive for the native input element of an MdcSwitchDirective.

Directive: MdcSwitchThumbDirective

Selector: [mdcSwitchThumb]

Directive for the mandatory thumb element of an mdcSwitch. See mdcSwitch for more information.

Directive: MdcSwitchDirective

Selector: [mdcSwitch]

Directive for creating a Material Design switch component. The switch is driven by an underlying native checkbox input, which must use the mdcSwitchInput directive. The mdcSwitchInput must be wrapped by an mdcSwitchThumb, which must be a direct child of this mdcSwitch directive.

The current implementation will add all other required DOM elements (such as the switch-track). Future implementations will also support supplying (customized) elements for those.

This directive can be used together with an mdcFormField to easily position switches and their labels, see mdcFormField.