Blox Material v1.0.0

A lightweight Material Design library for Angular

Open-source and based on Google's Material Components for the Web

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Fast and small

Lightweight components that are performant on all devices from mobile to desktop. Optimized for effective tree shaking: Functionality not used gets thrown out in production builds. Smaller bundles means faster website!


Easy adjustment of the look and feel of your website. Customize colors, sizes, animations, and layout with Sass or Css. Includes theme mixins that help maintain accessibility and design.

Responsive and Accessible

Modern UI components that are designed with responsiveness, and accessibility in mind. Because all users are welcome.

Framework Agnostic

Experimenting with different front-end frameworks? No need to restyle every time you or your teams switch framework! Stylesheets for Blox Material work for any other Material Components Web integration library. There are integrations for Vue, React, Web Elements, and many others.