Blox Material v1.0.0

Floating Action Button

The mdcFab directive creates a material designed floating action button.

Floating Action Buttons


Directive: MdcFabIconDirective

Selector: [mdcFabIcon]

Directive for the icon of a Floating Action Button (mdcFab).

Directive: MdcFabLabelDirective

Selector: [mdcFabLabel]

Directive for the label of an extended Floating Action Button (mdcFab). The label may be placed before or after the icon. It is also possible to only have a label for an extended Floating Action Button.

Directive: MdcFabDirective

Selector: [mdcFab]

Material design Floating Action Button. The element should embed an icon element with the mdcFabIcon, or (to make it an extended floating action button) a label with the mdcFabLabel directive. Extended floating actions button may (in addition to the label) also add an mdcFabIcon before or after the label.

Property Description

When this input is defined and does not have value false, the FAB will be modified to a smaller size.


Setting this property to true will animate the FAB out of view. Setting it to false will animate the FAB back into view.